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    The Online Hitting Academy is dedicated to
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Our goal is to provide a comprehensive source of
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    Online since Jan. 2000, the OHA has members in all 50 states and 16 foreign countries and,
through the years has become the internet's largest premier site dedicated soley to hitting.
80% of OHA members are coaches at all levels who rely on the OHA each season.
Parents and Hitters use the site reguarly as well and members intereact in the website's Forum.
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THE OHA CLASSROOMS : Skills and Drills! Speed, Strength and Conditioning! Mental Game Coaching! Youth Softball Swing! Youth Baseball Swing! This link: Bio Links, screenshot.

THE ARCHIVED HIT DOC EMAILS : Archive of Joe Barth, Jr. emails to OHA Members regarding hitting related problems, published for the OHA membership! This link: Info, Bio Link, screenshot.

THE OHA DUGOUT : Search for Drills, Training Programs and printable PDF Forms and Schedules. Quickly find the "Drills, Tips and Coaching Cues" you need! This link: Section List, screenshot.

THE OHA STAT PROGRAM : Computes Hitting and Pitching Stats. $29.95 software (IBM) - FREE Download! This link: Info, screenshot.

THE OHA LIBRARY : Baseball and softball related TERMS And DEFINITIONS and, related PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS and DRILLS!

THE OHA FORUM : Searchable database of current and past membership hitting discussions. This link: Info, screenshot.


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