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    The following guidelines are meant to etc.
is OHA Members Guide for how to use the OHA site.

Considering the abundance of hitting information on the OHA website, there are numerous areas that some members may have never drilled down into to discover all the jewels of information and printable forms that the OHA offers. Understanding how all of the specific areas inter-relate to the development of a complete hitter is necessary to appreciate the complexity of the OHA website.

The purpose of this article is to review many of the major features of the site and inspire those courageous coaches who are not so computer literate to drill down (keep on clicking) into the site to find all the pearls of information. The site is easy to navigate and search and is full of related links to follow in your studies and problem solving.

The OHA website is designed with pop-up windows in many of the sections. These pop-up windows can be used as a great teaching tool. For example, a handful of windows can be opened and resized on your desktop -- all relating to the same problem in a swing.... the definition of the problem - a picture showing the problem - a drill with picture that helps correct the problem - an article that relates, etc.

Your browser needs to allow pop up windows for your OHA study sessions - See OHA Faq/Help if you have a problem. (OHA popups are never ads - they are website related pages). These related pages can also be saved to a folder on your desktop for offline viewing.... as in sitting down at the computer and walking a hitter through problem solving or as in saving certain drills on your laptop to carry to the field with you (offline) for practice.

For leisurely browsing terms and illustrated photos on hitting, start in the OHA LIBRARY. The library contains over 200 terms and 220 illustrations. Whether looking for an individual term or studying a specific series of photographs, the OHA Library is an excellent source of reference information regarding the swing. The links below each definition allow you to view an illustration or be taken to the Drills Index for a drill to correct a specific problem. (The OHA Library alone would be enough to serve as a paid website - it is offered free to visitors to see the high quality of the OHA website.)

Every member needs to become very familiar with the OHA HITTER DEVELOPMENT PLAN (OHA HDP). This course of study and practice requires hitters to keep a notebook to plan for success. Printable forms have been developed in PDF format which allow you to stock a three-ring binder with the information and programs to make a better hitter.

The OHA HDP involves three basic sections;
1. The Long and Short Term Goal Setting Section - Serves as a roadmap for planned success.
2. The Weekly Practice Plan - Incorporates information from drills, speed, strength, conditioning, and mental aspects into your regular routine. Hitters can develop their own program based upon their level of personal commitment and evaluate their performance accordingly.
3. Recording Sheets to track your performance against opposing pitchers - This section is a must to get started early in the season so information can be collected on opposing pitchers for future reference. This will be an invaluable resource to you as you face the same pitchers later in the season.

For novice coaches, or any hitter who just wants to review the basics of the swing, the HITTING 101 program is what you need. This section would be comparable to buying a videotape on the basic mechanics of the swing, except it is linked to the OHA Library to provide quick reference if you have difficulty with a term or need an illustration for clarity. We highly suggest reviewing this section as a reference for all your basic swing mechanics needs.

The OHA DRILL INDEX is unique in that it allows you to search the database of drills by one of four ways....
Search by:

1. Drills to Develop
2. Drills to Correct
3. Drill Name
4. Contact Pattern

These are many of the best drills used to develop the swing that are tried and proven. Pick out specific drills that assist you in areas you need to develop to maintain your swing and add them to your OHA Hitter Development Program. Pick a variety of drills to cover different parts of the swing or locations in the strike zone that you need to develop as a hitter.

The Strength and Conditioning sections are comparable to owning a videotape on each respectively. The OHA MED BALL PROGRAM contains over 40 illustrated drills that work on major muscle groups and are excellent for developing the trunk muscles in the swing. For pre-puberty youth not ready for weights, the OHA Med Ball Program provides them with adequate resistance training for developing strength, but flexibility as well. Select the drills that you desire to use in the strength-training section of the OHA HDP and then print them and add them to your notebook.

For the more mature hitter the OHA STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM provides a more intense, "free weight" approach to getting stronger. This program consists of Core and Auxiliary lifts, providing both an in-season and off-season training program. Printable forms are ready for you to fill in, while all lifts can be printed and added to your notebook.

The OHA FLEXIBILITY PROGRAM rounds out the Strength and Conditioning section to provide members with a high quality stretching program to meet flexibility needs.

The OHA ARCHIVE features over 160 articles that have been contributed thus far to the OHA by hitting specialists. Searching by author, title, category or issue makes it a snap to gather all the articles from your favorite writers or just browse through what's been published. The Mental Game articles are excellent to keep nearby, especially when the dreaded S-word may begin to rear its ugly head (SLUMP).

The OHA HITTING AND PITCHING STAT PROGRAM is an excellent resource to track your team or individual performances not only for a season, but throughout your career. Printable reports allow you to keep up with your latest team and/or individual stats. This program would cost $29.95 if purchased alone.

Finally, the OHA FORUM provides you with an opportunity to engage in intelligent hitting conversation with other members in an on-going threaded discussion. Search past threads, add to existing threads or start your own.

For existing members: Go to the Member's Sitemap after logging in and search out all the features that the OHA has to offer. Print out the forms and put them to work in your program. Drill down into the different areas and search for the specifics that will help solve your hitting problems as well as give you new ideas and plans for training and development.

For first time visitors: Go to the Visitor's Sitemap and browse through the screenshots of the member's side. This is a large website with a wealth of information on hitting and the screenshots are just a small sampling of the many pages on the member's side. You'll soon see why the Online Hitting Academy has become the internet's main source of hitting instruction with members in all 50 states and 14 foreign countries.

New sections are being developed to continue to build this site into the largest resource of hitting information ever developed. As the Internet grows, the OHA plans to keep up with changes in technology to bring you the very best in instructional information on hitting.


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